Plasma Ignition

"Revolutionary ..." "Extraodinary ..." "Wickedly powerful ..." "Wow!"

Plasma Ignition (PI), a ground-breaking new technology that addresses all aspects of the ignition cycle by combining the controllability and operational economy of electronic ignition systems with the ignition dynamics and reliability of gas pilot systems. PI offers superior ignition reliability, application flexibility, robustness, minimal operational cost, and performance characteristics unmatched by any singular technology available.

Considering a new ignition installation? Have a persistent problem with a dated ignition technology? Looking to enhance that which already "just" satisfactory? Or perhaps just curious? Herewithin lies the unique and unparalleled technology of plasma ignition and how it changes everything one thought they knew about pilot-less, solid-state ignition.

* Technology Briefs *

Technology Highlights

-> Mimics ignition behavior of pulsed pilot flames
-> Reliability of pilot ignition via gasless, solid-state electronic control
-> Delivers phenomenal energy output from minimal power requirements
-> Highly adapatble for a broad spectrum of ignition applications
-> Simple to install. Simple to operate. Just that simple!


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